T-shirt of the Month!

With the "T-shirt of the Month" subscription, you will receive one exclusive t-shirt design by national and international artists. Plus each month I will host the new design that can be sold individually on my site, and a % of the individual sales will go back to the artist. By being part of this subscription not only do you get an original design and hand printed t-shirt, this helps out the educational component that Little Chair Printing brings t-shirt printing workshops to Maine organization that teaches design, printing, and the selling of t-shirt to help bring in income. To name some of the organizations are Maine youth, LGBTQ, the homeless, veterans, immigrants, adults with disabilities etc.


12 Month Subscription

Featuring a different Artist each month.

Sign up for $25 a month includes shipping



I love all of my t-shirts!

Each shirt is an amazing design and very well printed!

— D.R.

It's like christmas every month. 

"My mom got me the t-shirt of the month subscription,

it's like christmas in the mail every month.  

— F.W.

T-shirt of the month makes a great gift.

“I got my best friend a subscription to t-shirt of the month for her birthday. She loves t-shirts”

— K.M.